Mission & Core Values

Mission & Core Values

Power consists to a large extent in deciding what stories will be told.

Carolyn G. Heilbrun, Writing a Woman's Life

Our Mission

The mission of Renaissance Theaterworks is to create moving theater that connects with our shared sense of being human. We are dedicated to artistic excellence and to promoting the work of women onstage and off. We take pride in our accomplishments towards improving gender parity in Milwaukee.

At Renaissance Theaterworks we believe who gets to tell the story matters. And that at its best, theater reflects our world back to us.
Our whole world. All colors, all abilities, all identities.

Our Core Values

Renaissance Theaterworks production of Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven by Reina Hardy featuring Rachael Zientek, Karen Estrada and Reese Parish

Artistic Excellence

Demonstrated by:

  • We hold the good of the company before the good of the individual.
  • We promote teamwork and an environment where all voices are heard.
Core Values collaboration

The Collaborative Process

Demonstrated by:

  • Holding the good of the company before the good of the individual.
  • Encouraging an open and collaborative work environment.
Renaissance Theaterworks' Br!NK New Play Development Program for women playwrights from the Midwest

Respect and Trust

Demonstrated by:

  • Encouraging respectful, honest, communication.
  • Providing a culture that fosters success.
  • Resolving conflicts in a timely manner.
  • Honoring individual differences.
Eva Nimmer as Winnifred and James Carrington as Cuddy Banks in Renaissance Theaterworks' WITCH. Photo by Ross Zentner
La Enfrascada, by Tanya Saracho. A Renaissance Theaterworks' production.

Human Diversity

Demonstrated by:

  • Promoting and producing the work of women, BIPOC, artists of varying physical and cognitive
    abilities and LGBTQIA.
  • Prioritizing diverse hiring in all areas.
  • Maintain and increase board, staff and artist diversity.

Exceptional Service

Demonstrated by:

  • Treasuring our audience.
  • Providing the best environment for experiencing theater.
Renaissance Theaterworks production of Top Girls by Caryl Churchill

Time for Celebration and Reflection

Demonstrated by:

  • Acknowledging and evaluating our failures.
  • Holding fun as an essential part of Renaissance work.
  • Saying, “Everything goes better with food.”
  • Celebrating our achievements with a loud, “Yay us!”